UpLevel, 25 Min.

Bob Yourell
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UpLevel is now available for instant download as an MP3. UpLevel provides consistent alternating bilateral sound. A light, etheric bell accentuates the steady sweep of soft, rich sound. UpLevel is designed not to distract the listener, but has a compelling bilateral effect.

The tones are engineered to allow normal conversation. Their strongest frequencies do not compete with your voice (even with the sibilants such as "s" sounds), so that it is easy for the listener to hear spoken words from a therapist or a recording. Also, the bilateral quality is very obvious at a low volume. You do not need special headphones, because most headphones available are "open" headphones that allow the listener to hear their environment.

Because the sound is multi-layered and spatially expanded, it creates an environment of sound. It's consistency and smoothness feel safe. Great care was taken in a sophisticated sound studio to create an esthetically rewarding sound.

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    37 MB
  • Duration
    25 minutes
  • Size37 MB
  • Duration25 minutes


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UpLevel, 25 Min.

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